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Syracuse Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers

Looking for alcohol detox centers in Syracuse? Learn how detox and rehab can get you sober ...   Is your life spinning put of control? Do you feel powerless over your situation? Syracuse alcohol abuse treatment centers can help you locate a treatment facility so you can stop using alcoho... Read More

Shopping Addiction - Everything you Need to Know

Shopping Addiction: Signs, Symptoms, and When to Get Help....   Also referred to as Compulsive Buying Disorder by psychologists, a shopping addiction is characterized as an impulse control issue and can potentially cause catastrophic damage to someone's life emotionally and financially. H... Read More

Klonopin Addiction Treatment Syracuse

Konopin Addiction Help...   Klonopin is one of many drugs in the benzodiazepines family, which are referred to as "benzos" for short. Klonopin may be prescribed by doctors for patients suffering from seizures as well as panic disorder. Klonopin is the brand name for the drug clonaze... Read More

Drug Addiction and Trauma

Trauma and Drug Addiction Treatment...   Emotional trauma can sometimes be the root cause of drug addiction. In recent years there has been more awareness about the links between these two disorders. Drug addiction and trauma are oftentimes linked. Many individuals turn to drugs or alcohol in... Read More

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