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Choosing a rehabilitation center for drug addiction and drug dependency can be a difficult process to begin, especially when the individual is going through a crisis. It does not have to be that way, though, as there are many rehab outlets that are willing to help. Most residential care facilities such as the many Drug Treatment Centers in Syracuse may provide a safe haven for individuals struggling with chemical dependency and other disorders so that they can begin to take ownership of their lifelong recovery journey. Use this directory of many Drug Treatment Centers in Syracuse in order to locate which one is best suited for your needs.

Many of the drug treatment facilities in Syracuse, as well as surrounding areas, offer a wide variety of recovery programs that work to address the unique realities of the disease. Among the most common treatment programs available are physical and psychological therapies that teach individuals in recovery to respond to emotional adversity by learning healthy coping mechanisms that encourage constructive behavior. Treatment at the various drug treatment centers in Syracuse not only use pharmaceutical orientation to withdraw from drugs or alcohol but also use advanced techniques such as holistic methods for rehabilitation. Although these medications may be needed for a few days, it's not the only solution. Building the individual's physical health early in the recovery process by using exercise, yoga, acupuncture and other types of therapeutic approaches make addiction treatment more effective and complete. Also, some medications can be quite addictive. For example, dependence on Xanax can occur only within a few weeks of its use.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Syracuse

Alleviating Physical Cravings

Patients in addiction recovery often struggle with drug or alcohol cravings which sometimes are unbearable for many. Some rehab programs lack a direct method to alleviate these cravings. They have prescription meds to suppress these cravings, support meetings, and counseling to help cope with urges to use it. Programs that provide detoxification and other techniques, will better allow the person in recovery to have a greater ability to focus on creating sober living skills and repair broken relationships.

Addiction recovery programs should also incorporate nutritional support for the person in recovery so that the patients' deficiencies are repaired. Malnutrition can often lead to a lack of appetite, depression, sleeplessness, irritability, and lack of energy. These problems can become barriers to treatment and recovery. The many offered treatment facilities in the Syracuse area may help patients achieve a healthy level of nutritional support, furthering their ability to recover successfully. Recovery may lead to a life that is more productive and successful than you ever thought possible.

To find out more about drug treatment, and to find a treatment plan that works for your unique case, use this directory of many Drug Treatment Centers in Syracuse to find a center that suits you best.

About Syracuse, NY

Syracuse is a city in the Onondaga County, New York. Live jazz is the focus of their multiple festivals and celebrations. Syracuse also enjoys various attractions, museums, and galleries such as Erie Canal Museum, The Warehouse Gallery, Delavan Art Gallery, Erie Canal Museum, International Mask and Puppet Museum, and Point of Contact Gallery. Notable people who have been part of Syracuse are Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Kim Black, actor Rory Cochrane, economist Robert F. Engle, actress Siobhan Fallon Hogan, songwriter Jimmy Van Heusen, and songwriter Jimmy Van Heusen.

Just like in many other states in the country New York sees trafficking in drugs such as marijuana, club drugs, cocaine, prescription drugs, methamphetamine, and club drugs such as Ecstasy (MDMA). Higher levels of heroin abuse exist more in New York, with more rural users getting involved. Meth is less common, but it has been growing in the past years. Homegrown marijuana is also more available together with prescription medications.

About Syracuse

Syracuse is a city in New York, and it is home to over 150,000 people, with another 660,000 living in the metropolitan areas surrounding it. The area holds great economic and educational importance due to the presence of the Department of Economics Faculty at Maxwell school and Syracuse University. The industry is centered around construction and manufacturing.

In stark contrast to the apparent academic and industrial prosperity of the area, Syracuse has a massive problem with poverty. A 2015 article highlighted the city as having the highest concentration of poor people in New York. Poverty often brings with it social problems and with social issues come drug issues.

Like most cities in America, heroin addiction is reaching epidemic proportions.  The newspapers are regularly filled with stories of drug busts and overdoses. Year after year the number of people receiving drug treatment in a Syracuse rehabilitation increases. An increase in rehabilitation figures is positive news though, as treatment is undoubtedly better than incarceration.

Use this directory for various Drug Treatment Centers in Syracuse in order to help you in your search for the right facility.

What is Addiction?

The uncontrollable compulsion to consume drugs or alcohol is the type of addiction where this article focuses. A person can become so dependent on a substance that they cannot physically stop themselves from taking it. In cases of severe addiction, the addict may suffer adverse side effects to their health if they attempt to cease using. Symptoms of drug withdrawal vary from mild to severe and tend to intensify over the first week of the cessation period. A complete detox from substances such as opiates can take longer than a week.

Addiction causes damage to different parts of the brain, with opiates potentially affecting the brain stem. This part is responsible for many simple functions that are critical to life including heartbeat, breathing and sleeping.

While it is frightening to think that drugs can affect the brain in this way it is also important to know that this damage can be reversed and you can live a sober life again. Addiction to any drug has serious implications, but if you seek help as soon as possible, you reduce the risk of permanent damage. With a combination of detox programs and psychological therapies, addiction recovery is very viable at many of the Drug Treatment Centers in Syracuse. It’s time to get the help that you need.

Prominent Drug Problem in Syracuse

While opiate addiction is indeed causing problems for the people of Syracuse, there is another drug that is infiltrating every pocket of the community. Crack is a free base version of cocaine and is smoked using " a crack pipe". There is rampant use of crack in Syracuse and the effects on the community, as a result, have been devastating. Crack cocaine tends to be associated with low socioeconomic areas, and its use became quite widespread in inner-city New York in the mid-1980s.

A user of crack cocaine quickly succumbs to addiction due to the drugs fast acting high and intense potency. The drug is relatively inexpensive so a user can access more readily than other substances. The hit that a user gets from smoking crack is a fleeting experience; the euphoria dissipates within 10 minutes in most cases. The result is a need to smoke the substance repeatedly, so quickly the smoker becomes addicted due to this consistent use.

A crack user will display signs of increased confidence, energy and focus. Of course, once the social effects wear off, the user will become withdrawn, irritable, paranoid and irrational. Some of the physical effects of crack use are extreme weight loss, high blood pressure, and rapid heart rate.

Crack cocaine addiction is extremely serious and dangerous. If you know someone that is addicted to crack, it is vital that you extend your support to that person and perhaps even stage an intervention. Crack users are a danger to both themselves and others, and without professional medical assistance, they could end up losing their lives. Habitual users tend to behave out of character and will likely engage in behaviors that they wouldn't typically. An example of such actions is the story of a Syracuse female who turned to prostitution to feed her $400 a day crack habit. Her family staged an intervention on a television show, begging her to get help.

You don't need to go onto a television show to help your loved one get rehab support, but the story highlights how desperate some families are getting as a result of addiction. You can contact one of the many Drug Treatment Centers in Syracuse and ask for advice. These specialist staff can educate you on the many different treatments available to help your loved one.

While the short-term effects of crack cocaine use are frightening, the long-term effects are even worse. Long periods of insufficient nourishment can lead to malnutrition, while psychologically a user can suffer in many different ways. For example, persistent psychosis is common, and this is a very frightening illness for the sufferer and their loved ones. A person with psychosis will lose a sense of what is real and what isn't; they will experience confusion, paranoia and may isolate themselves.

Getting help for psychosis is imperative as it can have potentially dangerous outcomes due to the addict acting violently and putting themselves or others at risk. There are so many wonderful treatments available to tackle addiction and the side effects that come with it.

Crack Treatment Options in Syracuse

  • Supervised Withdrawal

As with any drug addiction, before psychological therapies can benefit, a user needs to get physically clean. Cessation only achieves sobriety; therefore, a person will inevitably suffer through withdrawal. The process of drug and alcohol withdrawal can be unpleasant, and in some instances, it can even be dangerous.

Entering a detox facility is your best chance to get clean if you are grappling with addiction issues. In a specialist facility, doctors can provide you with round the clock care, monitor your vitals and offer you pain-relieving pharmaceuticals if needed.

Crack cocaine detoxification can take up to a week, and once the user is sober, they may begin to feel like they are cured. Unfortunately, this one of the sneaky side effects of crack; people often forgo further psychological treatments as they think they are recovered, only to fall back into addiction again rapidly.

  • Motivational Interviewing

The title of this treatment (Motivational Interviewing) sounds superfluous, but it is, in fact, a results-driven evidence-based treatment that provides addiction sufferers with a platform in which to build their willpower, self-esteem, and ambition.

Motivational interviewing is conducted by a trained practitioner who will pose a series of questions to the addict to assess their desire to quit and guide them towards a plan for sobriety.

Motivational Interviewing aims to take a confused addict to the point of certainty, where they can express with the conviction that they are ready to quit. The therapy can be painstaking, as, for lots of people, drug cessation is not what they truly want. With time and plenty of soul-searching, it can be an excellent treatment, however.

  • Contingency Management

Contingency Management (CM) has been proven to be quite useful in the treatment of crack cocaine addiction and works on a rewards-based system. The patient is rewarded for adhering to the rules of the CM program; the therapy is used in some detention centers and is a means for detainees to gain extra privileges. The fundamentals of the program are quite straightforward; the addict has the power to choose between drug and reward, but they cannot have both. CM is a powerful way of building independence and esteem in addicts who may otherwise feel they have no control over their own lives.

  • Counseling and Family Therapy

Counseling can be conducted between professional and patient, or in a family setting, between professional, patient and loved ones. Counseling is one of the best-known forms of treatment and is an effective method of targeting psychological and emotional issues head-on.

Counseling is an excellent treatment to adopt as part of your relapse prevention strategy; once you are physically clean, you will need to engage in therapies on an ongoing basis to protect your sobriety.

Crack Cocaine and Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention plays an incredibly important part of the addiction treatment process, perhaps even more so in crack addiction. This particular drug tends to engulf specific neighborhoods, rendering almost every family powerless in its wake. A recovered crack addict faces massive pressure when they return to their community, as they will no doubt be confronted with their vice on every corner. If moving to another area is not an option, what strategies can a person use to avoid relapsing?

Some treatments that can help to prevent relapse are:

  • 12-step support programs
  • Counseling
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Art and Music therapy

Crack Cocaine Ruins Lives

The effects of crack cocaine are genuinely terrifying. An addict can adversely alter their personality through the extensive use of the drug, and for some, the consequences to their mental health can last forever. This damage is awful for the patient but is equally distressing for their loved ones. If you know someone in your life that is smoking crack, get them help before you lose them forever. While they may not die, they may put to rest the person that they once were. In place of their former character can manifest a paranoid, irrational and angry addiction sufferer and they may stay like this forever.

A crack user puts themselves at higher risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease due to heightened arousal and increased likelihood to act promiscuously.  Furthermore, a crack addict will potentially damage relationships with partners, family members and friends due to their irresponsible behavior. They may steal from their loved ones to feed their habit. They may lie about their activities, cheat or act in an abusive manner. Crack cocaine has such a choke-hold on a user that they will act entirely out of character.

There is no happy ending with crack cocaine usage. An addict is unlikely to be capable of holding their job down or providing adequate care for their children. When a person becomes addicted to crack, it becomes their sole focus. Nothing else matters until it's too late. Incarceration and severe damage to health are almost inevitable. Death isn't out of the question either.

The various drug treatment centers in Syracuse help to support addicts with the rehabilitation support they so desperately need. Law enforcement is at capacity as they face daily crack-related violence and other crimes. The drug carries prison sentences, even for possession of relatively small doses, meaning sick people are ending up behind bars. While forced detoxification in prison will render the addict physically clean, the psychological needs of their illness are not met. The result of this is that untreated addicts are released back onto the streets, with a ferocity to consume drugs even stronger than they had before.

Prison is not the answer for non-violent drug-related crimes. Crack cocaine addiction sufferers will only heal with the aid of medically trained professionals and therapeutically trained practitioners.

Get Help Today

Seriously consider getting yourself treated in rehab before you end up in jail. If you are addicted to crack cocaine or any other drug for that matter, give yourself a chance at life and enter one of the numerous drug treatment centers in Syracuse. You have nothing to lose, and a whole new perspective to gain. Use this list of a number of different Drug Treatment Centers in Syracuse and begin your recovery journey today.

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