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What Are Recovery Programs and How Are They Designed With 12 Steps in Mind?

Recovery programs are those designed to provide clinically researched support to those struggling with substance abuse addiction overcome addiction for good. The basis for many recovery programs is the principle of the 12 steps. These steps take a spiritual approach to recovery and acknowledge that addicts often need other positive, supportive people around them to successfully manage and treat their addiction.

Recovery programs can provide a variety of therapy approaches to help someone conquer addiction. These can include administering medications to reduce cravings or withdrawal symptoms for a drug, providing counseling and therapy and relapse prevention education.

What Is Addiction Treatment Therapy?

Addiction treatment therapies utilize time-tested techniques that have been shown to motivate those suffering from substance abuse problems to achieve sobriety. One example of an addiction treatment therapy is motivational incentives. This technique provides rewards to participants for their accomplishments while in a rehab facility.

Another motivational type of addiction therapy is motivational interviewing. This approach can work well for those that may feel initially skeptical regarding seeking treatment in a substance abuse recovery program. This therapy does not involve a counselor or therapist to tell a person what will help them beat an addiction, but instead asks questions to help the patient find their own motivations to quit for good.

Types of Substance Abuse Therapy

Addiction treatment therapies include traditional 12-step programs, as well as newer modes of therapy to help people find healthy distractions from drug and alcohol abuse.

An example of the newer approaches is restorative yoga. Restorative yoga focuses on slow movements, gentle stretching and holding stretches for an extended period of time. Restorative yoga can help people struggling with addiction feel as if they are doing something positive for their bodies. Also, this exercise can provide a welcome distraction for those who may still be struggling with thoughts of relapse.

Family therapy is another substance abuse therapy approach that can help a family unit grow stronger and be more well-informed after dealing with a person's substance dependence. When someone is going through recovery, support from his or her family can be vital in ensuring they continue to choose sobriety. Family therapy not only enhances understanding among family members, it also creates a support network which the addict can turn to in times of struggle.

Principles of Effective Treatment

Effective rehabilitation treatments must be individualized to the person. No one person struggling with addiction will respond to the same program as another. This is why it is important that a drug treatment center emphasizes and embraces several different approaches to recovery. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, other principles of effective treatment include extending care beyond the detoxification process to ensure long-term success, treating underlying mental disorders and monitoring drug use continuously through the treatment program.

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