Drug Addiction and Trauma

Trauma and Drug Addiction Treatment

Emotional trauma can sometimes be the root cause of drug addiction. In recent years there has been more awareness about the links between these two disorders. Drug addiction and trauma are oftentimes linked. Many individuals turn to drugs or alcohol in order to cope with traumatic experiences. Effective treatment for addiction may often require integrated programing to deal with co-occurring disorders in a comprehensive way.

Symptoms of trauma may include:

• Shock, denial, or mistrust

• Self-blame, guilt, and shame

• Fear and anxiety

• Isolation

• Lack of concentration and confusion

• Feelings of sadness and hopelessness

Trauma is defined as a stress that produces physical and emotional harm. It can make the individual feel intense fear and helplessness which can cause anxiety, depression, and impulsive behaviors. Drug addiction can sometimes develop into the trauma survivor's effort to self-medicate. These drugs are used to numb feelings of powerlessness, despair, and powerlessness to cope with traumatic memories.

Childhood trauma can increase the chances of a child developing addiction and depression. New studies reveal the links these risks have to specific changes in the brain. For example, children who had a major traumatic experience such as a life-threatening illness, domestic violence, or losing a loved one, and history of psychiatric problems tend to struggle more with addiction once they become adults.

Trauma can also affect family dynamics. Painful feelings that haven't been dealt with can lead to conflicts among family members. This can lead to emotional disengagement and cause relationship disturbances pulling the family apart.

Understanding how trauma and stress can lead to an addiction and other mental disorders should lead to better treatment approaches. Drug abuse may help users disconnect for a while but it makes things worst in the long-term. To prevent these consequences, the treatment approach needs to be effective in treating both the addiction and the co-occurring disorders. Discover which programs and addiction recovery center may be beneficial to treat your addiction at 315-679-4395.

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